New product: dn1600 SDR26 Pn6 Coupler

02 Mars 2021

We are very excited to introduce you our new entry: the dn1600 SDR26 Pn6 Coupler.

The coupler is manufactured by a Negri Bossi VH3500 injection moulding machine with a 35000 kN clamping force; the new product is molded by the injection moulding method, that guarantees safety, reliability and high performances.


Nuovo prodotto: Manicotto dn1600 SDR26 Pn6


Some feautures of the dn1600 SDR26 Pn6 Coupler

- Molded with PE100-RC (RC = resistant to cracks) raw material. Modified PE 100,until now used only for special, customer-specific applications, now used for standard products. The main technical advantage of PE 100-RC is that it is significantly more resistant to slow crack growth; it allows to save the cost of installation, improves safety, and extends the life cycle of the entire piping system;

- Wide electrofusion area that guarantees a very reliable joint;

- Particular outer geometry that guarantees a more performing welding;

- Two separate heating circuits for welding each side independently;

- Fusion indicator per fusion zone;

- No pre-heating needed. This feature greatly reduces the installation time;

- Electrofusion parameters obtained from barcode or input manually;

- Can be welded at ambient temperatures: -10°C / +45°C;

- Electrofusion parameters also marked on the fitting surface;

- Suitable for pipe wall thickness SDR 26 - 33;

 - Weight and dimensions optimized to simplify handling and installation;

- Designed, developed, tested and produced in Italy.